An open mind and a fresh economic outlook

First, a standard disclaimer: Anything you read in this column that ever delves into politics or religion or college football is entirely my own personal opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the Pickens County Courier.

That said, we here at the Pickens County Institute for Advanced Theoretical Engineering, Economics and Barbecue Arts & Sciences — my own personal think tank sometimes augmented with the brain power of my best buddy Allen Senn of Clemson — have been doing a fair amount of pondering lately about a concept that on its surface seems outrageously ridiculous. I am referring to something called a “basic minimum income.”

If you’ve been following the Democratic presidential nomination race — which here in Trump country many of you may have been doing purely for entertainment value — you may have heard of a lower-tier candidate named Andrew Yang who has made this concept a centerpiece of his campaign.

Now, I’m not endorsing Yang, or any candidate of either party for that matter, but I think there’s more to this idea than, “Vote for me and get

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