Easley city council member at center of dog controversy

By Nicole Daughhetee
Staff Reporter

EASLEY — A small dog has become a big story in Easley, as stories have even aired on television news channels around the country about Lucy, aka Gracie, the tiny chihuahua at the center of what has become a legal battle over the dog’s ownership.

The story begins back in May 2012, when Keith and Kerri Blanton, along with their four children, ages 5, 6, 11 and 17, took a vacation for Mother’s Day. Having difficulty finding a hotel that was pet-friendly, the Blantons left their chihuahua, Lucy, in the care of family friends.

“Our friend let Lucy out in their fenced-in backyard to do her business,” said Kerri Blanton. “Five minutes later, Lucy was missing. The family that was watching Lucy looked for her until after midnight, and we came home from the beach the next day to join the search for Lucy.”

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