‘Every quilt tells a story’

Heirloom immortalized outside chamber office

If thread could talk, the newest entrant into the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail would surely have some colorful stories to tell.

Running through its many squares and snowflake patterns of brown, pale yellow and blue, I think I can hear the rumble of cannon fire in the distance and possibly the weeping of young widows whose husbands wouldn’t be returning from the battlefields of the War of Northern Aggression.

Then again, it may be just the whistling of a cold winter wind blowing bitterly against the drafty walls of a Pickens County homestead. That quilt, now worn thin and a bit threadbare in places, must have provided warm comfort to many of the ancestors of Dean Dykes over the past century and a half.

I may be imagining some of what I thought I heard that quilt whispering to me as I examined it last week

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