‘Everything is Sacred’

Musician uses flute to teach about Native American cultures

Redheart speaks to local students

By Jason Evans
Staff Reporter


Peter Feather Redheart gave up a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to reconnect with music that speaks to his heritage and the wider world around us.

A Native American flute player, Redheart visited the area recently and spoke to local elementary school students.

Hailing from Crow Creek, S.D., Redheart now lives in New Mexico. His mother is from the Crazy Horse Clan and his father from the Black Hills Clan.

He’s been a musician since he was young, but the Native American flute was not his first choice of instrument.

“I’ve been a drummer since I was 5,” Redheart said.

He would play the drum at powwows. In middle school in the mid-1980s, he picked up another instrument — the accordion.

“They didn’t have native flutes at school at that time,” Redheart said,

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