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Fall for Liberty Bluegrass Festival

Plans are under way for the third annual Fall for Liberty Bluegrass Festival to be held downtown from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. on Oct. 25. In 2014, 116 vendors will join the festivities. More »

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Police capture assault suspect

CLEMSON — Police arrested a man suspected of assaulting a woman and trying to steal from her apartment after asking for the public’s help in finding him. Clemson police chief Jimmy Dixon More »

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Cold for a cause

Rocky Nimmons/Courier Pickens County Courthouse employees joined the cold-water challenge for charity craze that is sweeping the nation last week. Employees gathered behind the courthouse and got sprayed by a Pickens fire More »

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Six Mile woman celebrates 100 years

Courtesy James M. Pitts Lillian Cook Stewart recently celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at Six Mile Town Hall. SIX MILE — Hundreds of family and friends gathered in the More »

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Green Wave take Food Fight Bowl, fundraising continues

Kerry Gilstrap/Courier Sam Wyche presents Easley High School football coach Grayson Howell with the Food Fight trophy after the Green Wave beat rival Pickens on Friday night. PICKENS — On Friday, the More »

Cannon honors life and service of Michael Siders

PICKENS — Cannon Memorial Hospital will honor the life and service of Michael Siders, a devoted and skilled clinician that served every patient with kindness and compassion, with a blood and teddy bear drive on Monday, July 28, from 2-6 p.m. at the Cannon Wellness Annex at 865 Pendleton St. in Pickens.

The community may donate blood and/or a teddy bear to the cause. Siders was known as the “big teddy bear” by colleagues, and the teddy bears will be donated to a local charity to place smiles on the faces of local children. AnMed Health will coordinate the blood drive and provide T-shirts. The community may also write a personal note

Farm day in Six Mile

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Farm day, sponsored by Medi Home Hospice of Seneca and Mile Creek Farm of Six Mile, began last year in Six Mile. With the positive feedback from residents and family members from the community, officials decided to make it an annual event. Medi Home Hospice goes beyond the healthcare that is delivered to patients; it is a “gift” to those who are living with a terminal illness and a “gift” to their families. Farm day is an example of that; the gift of independence during outdoor activities, the gift of re-acclimating with Mother Nature, the gift of making new friends and spending time with old friends, the gift of being able to mobilize outside of daily routines and the number one gift that is most talked about is, the gift of Medi Home Hospice and Mile Creek Farm bringing back some of the things that were familiar, such as farming and everyone being able to sit around and reminisce over fond memories. Participants in farm day get to take part in goat milk tasting, snap bean contest and lunch is served. Residents and families are invited to pick vegetables from the fields if they choose and visit the on-site chickens. More than 60 residents participated in this year’s event, held on July 8, including hospice patients and their families, along with residents from Heritage Healthcare of Pickens, The Residences at Park Place Assisted Living, Seneca Health and Rehabilitation Center, Morningside Assisted Living and Belvedere Commons Senior Living.


Supreme Court autopsy ruling trumps public accountability

7-23 Page 4A.inddFor the second time in a month, the S.C. Supreme Court has ruled against openness and punted important issues back to the Legislature for change.

Last week, the court ruled that autopsy records are exempt from release under the FOIA because they are medical records.

Why does this matter to the public?

It matters because the next time police shoot an innocent man, don’t expect the public to have access to the autopsy report giving the details of the death.

That is what this case was about… the shooting of an innocent suspect. Supposedly in self-defense. Problem is, the autopsy showed the suspect in Sumter County was shot in the back.

Can you see now why autopsy records should be public?

This is a terrible ruling that will allow coroners to withhold information the public has a need to know.

Where Chicken Little went wrong

With age comes perspective, that most valuable quality and one poor Chicken Little did not possess. After all, he was a very young chicken.

In comparing my life to that of Chicken Little, I do feel that in this one example I have come out ahead. Yes, friends, I feel superior to Chicken Little. What an accomplishment. This should not be considered a trivial achievement either, because I come from a long line of champion worry warts. These people believed in being prepared for the 6-25 Page 4A.inddworst. And yes, to give credit where credit is due, I know they had experienced the worst.

Most of our ancestors lived through war, pestilence, disease and poverty.

So yes, they had reason to worry about the future. On their behalf, I must say they never quit and when each crisis occurred they found a way to meet the challenge. Chicken Little did not share their experiences. Far from it. He spent most of his time and energy focused on responding to something that didn’t happen.

His motives were pure. No question. He lacked perspective and common sense. Chicken Little would have benefited greatly if he had reflected a little more wisely. If he had paused to explore the facts, analyze the situation and act appropriately, everyone would have been spared and we would never have had to

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