‘Turtles’ arrive in downtown Pickens

PICKENS — Pickens’ “Turtles on the Town” project is becoming a reality.
Last week, bronze turtles were installed at 11 locations around the downtown area.
“We can’t thank our sponsors enough for helping to make this project come to life,” project co-leader Louise Hope said. “The turtles are such a grand addition to the revitalization of Pickens.”
Turtle parents include Lee and Pam Quist, Dot and Jay Pence, Griz and Helen Hockwalt, Amy Barrett, Blue Ridge Electric, Angie Case, Boyd Newman, Pat Welborn, Kathy and Joe Black, John Reeves, Larry Allen and Doug Moore.
The turtle tour begins at the Legacy Square Fountain and continues for more than a mile. Walking Turtle Tour brochures can be picked up at city hall, the Pickens Chamber of Commerce, the Hagood-Mauldin House, the Pickens County museum, Michael’s restaurant, East Main Treasures, the Pickens County Courthouse, Burning Brick, Pace and Reeves, Pickens Middle School, Superior Parts, Cannon Memorial Hospital, Blue Ridge Electric, Gatehouse restaurant and Pickens Presbyterian Church.
Two locations along the tour are still being developed. The fountain will undergo some painting as will the turtle log in the fountain. The last turtle will be installed at the new middle school after construction is finished.
“To see this project nearing completion is wonderful,” project co-leader Susan Hilyer said. “The students have worked hard and are almost finished with the coloring book that will highlight the turtles and the historic turtle locations. We have a sponsors page in the back of the book, so anyone who wants to be listed can still send donations to Pickens Middle School.”
The book will go to press in June, and a totally tremendous Turtle Tour extravaganza will occur later in the summer to officially kick-off the completion of the “Turtles on the Town.”
If you have questions about the turtle project or would like to make a donation, please call Pickens Middle School at 878-8735 or email or