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Not everyone can rise and shine

People come in two categories. Some people are larks, and some are owls. The world is geared to larks. These people spring from bed early each morning. They whistle on their way to get coffee and talk loudly and incessantly to others. They may be unaware that the one they’re having a monologue with is not even awake.

But that’s how larks are. Rise and shine. And that’s exactly what they do.

Now owls are a different breed. They don’t fully wake up before noon, even if they’ve been dragged from their warm and cozy beds by larks. Owls stumble around and drink coffee. They

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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

Bullying. Is your child at risk?

Are we too busy with everyday happenings to give attention to children to see the warning signs? Such signs as feelings of helplessness, loss of appetite and coming home with bruises or cuts — silent and withdrawn when normally happy and outgoing.

One in seven students in grades K-12 are victims of repeated bullying. No longer can they get away from it at home thanks to the internet. Bullies often go on to perpetrate violence later in life. Forty percent of boys who were bullies in grades six through nine had three or more arrests by age 30. One out of every 10 students who drop out

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An eclipse of SC’s Sunshine laws

Remember the August 2017 solar eclipse that carved a path through South Carolina? Bright daylight gave way to shadows, which then gave way to total darkness. Within minutes, of course, a summer day was again put into the sun’s bright light.

Another eclipse seems to be taking place in the Palmetto State. In this case, it is what the public should be privy to that is being eclipsed. Private organizations that have received public funds, such as chambers of commerce, have been given a free

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PCPAC to host ‘Storm in the Holler’

New Dixie Storm and Tugalo Holler team up for a night of bluegrass, gospel and country

LIBERTY — Are you ready for some down-home gospel music, along with some of the best bluegrass you will ever hear, all in one show?

If the answer is yes, then make plans to travel to Liberty this Saturday.

All are invited to the Pickens County Performing Arts Center to see

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50 years of service

Two Pickens residents were recently honored at a regular communication of Keowee Lodge No. 79, AFM, for having completed 50 years of membership. Joe Waldrop and Jean Westbrook were presented with special awards from the Grand Lodge of South Carolina by William B. Rogers, past Grand Master of Easley. Pictured, from left, are Waldrop, WilRogers, Westbrook and M.R. Billingsley, Worship Master of Keowee Lodge


TCTC vet tech adoption day this Thursday

UPSTATE — Tri-County Technical College’s Veterinary Technology Department will hold a Pet Adoption Day this Thursday, March 14, from 2-6 p.m. at Halbert Hall on the Pendleton campus.

Dogs are leash trained and taught basic commands, while the cats are socialized with people and other cats.

All animals have been spayed or neutered and vaccinated. They also are current on heartworm and flea prevention medications. There is

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Courier Community Calendar

• United in prayer for life event planned

On Thursday, March 21, Cornerstone Christian and Music Store will present a special service “Uniting in Prayer For Life” from 7-9 p.m. This will be a participatory program of worship, repentance, communion, scripture reading, silent and spoken prayers for our country and its unborn citizens, led by Erica Raeh. All are invited.

Cornerstone Christian and Music Store is located at 1895 Gentry Memorial Highway, Easley (Solid Gold/Dalton Flats).

• PCLA plans spring book sale this month

The Pickens County Literacy Association’s annual spring book sale is scheduled for March 29-30 at the Pickens Presbyterian Church social hall.

This year, the PCLA has a large number of DVDs, cookbooks and fiction divided by popular authors.

Hours will be from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. on Friday, March 29, and 9 a.m.-6


By Nicole Chisari

Winthrop University

ROCK HILL — Brandon Dill is trying to get comfortable with biking next to trucks on the open road.

“I’ve been riding on the road when I can,” said the Winthrop University senior, a 2015 Pickens High School graduate. “It’s still hard to get used to a semi-truck passing within five feet of me, but I’m a lot calmer now. … I’m about 70 percent prepared. The rest, I’m winging it.”

He’ll need that calm this June, when he’ll bike approximately 3,500

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Scones for morning, noon or night

By Olivia Fowler
For the Courier

Scones have been around forever in many parts of the world, but they just became popular in our region fairly recently.

Once encountered, they are never to be forgotten. There are many variations of this delicacy, from sweet to savory, but one of our most favorite is the cranberry orange scone.

Remember to keep a light hand. You do not want to overwork the dough. Make a batch, cool and pop into the freezer, then take out, thaw and reheat in the microwave for breakfast.


Courier Legal Notices 3-13-17





Case #: 2018-DR-39-841



You are hereby summoned and required to answer the Complaint in this action a copy of which is herewith served upon you and which is filed in the office of the Clerk of this Court this same date and to serve a copy of your Answer to the Complaint upon the subscriber at 107 East Main Street, Pickens, South Carolina, within thirty (30) days after the service hereof, exclusive of the day of such service. If