3 charged in crime spree

CLEMSON — Clemson police arrested three men last week in a recent crime spree in the city, charging each with 16 different counts ranging from malicious injury to property to grand larceny.

According to a release from Clemson Police Chief Jimmy Dixon, the city experienced a rash of auto burglaries, thefts of property and malicious damage to both personal and real property within the downtown area.

Late on the night of April 19 into the morning of April 20, patrol officers were able to develop a suspect vehicle and get a description of the vehicle’s driver using street cameras in the downtown area. In addition, a cell phone was found at one of the incident locations, and putting the pieces together led to the identity of one of the suspects. From there, investigators were able to figure out the identities of the other two suspects.

Dylan Patrick Smith, 20, Michael Delvin McClure, 21, and Leroy Dalton Crooks, 20, all of Seneca, were arrested in the case on the morning of Thursday, April 25.

Each was charged with six counts of malicious injury to real property, three counts of malicious injury to personal property, three counts of auto breaking, three counts of petit larceny and one count of grand larceny.

The estimated dollar amount of property damage was $10,000, with another estimated $10,000 in value of property stolen.

Dixon gave credit to Clemson city council for approving the funding of street cameras in the downtown area in 2011, along with “the dedication of a team of uniformed officers who just would not give up on solving these incidents.”