60th anniversary

The former Margaret Ellen Roberts married John William “Bud” Waldrop on June 8, 1957, at the home of the Rev. Jim Lewis. This year, Bud and Margaret Waldrop will celebrate their 60th year of marriage. They have been blessed with health, happiness and a loving family. Their four children, 10 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren love them both very much. “Nanny” and “Daddy Bud,” the entire family appreciates the strong family values and beliefs you have instilled in all of us through your example. Bringing us together every Sunday for Sunday dinner is just one of the ways that shows the love you have for your family. Debbie Ellison, Tracy Pechthalt, Jan Stephens and Jon Waldrop, their children, are planning a trip down “memory lane” and a dinner to celebrate the blessings of life, marriage, family and the happiness of 60 years together as husband and wife.