70th anniversary

Winchester Anniversary 10-07-15Jackson Lemard (Jack) Winchester, an Air Force retiree, and native of Wyoming, and his English WWII bride, Sheila Florence Olive Howard Winchester, were married in a small London castle on June 25, 1945. Jack is the only living child of late Pickens native John Hamilton Winchester, who migrated to Wyoming by working as a ranch hand in Texas, and other states en route there, where he built by hard work the large Winchester Ranch. John and Goldie David Braskett were married on July 26, 1908, and raised a large family. Jack and Sheila were totally surprised to be the honored guests at the Sept. 20 annual Winchester reunion at the Shady Grove Baptist Church fellowship building with a special cake and a video viewing of a “this is your life” presentation. They have four daughters, and daughter Sarah of Columbus, Ga., shared the joyous occasion.
Jake and Sheila are retired in St. Augustine, Fla.