8-year-old hit by car on 123

EASLEY — An 8-year-old girl faced surgery on Monday after being hit by a car and then run over by another on U.S. 123 in Easley on Sunday evening.
Easley police would not identify the girl, only giving her age.
Police say that the girl is facing non-life threatening injuries after being hit at about 7:45 p.m. in front of Firehouse Subs on U.S. 123 Sunday evening, according to an incident report.
Officers said the girl, who was wearing only pajamas and was barefoot, stepped into the busy highway before being hit. According to the report, the driver of the car immediately pulled over to see what had happened, and another car ran over the girl, but did not appear to strike her, witnesses said.
The first car had minor damage, including the passenger side mirror being knocked off.
The driver of the second car did not stop, police said, and may not have even realized the vehicle had run over the girl. Although the car was described as a dark car by witnesses, Easley police do not expect charges to be filed.
According to officers, the girl’s mother arrived on the scene as the girl was being treated by emergency personnel, saying she had been searching the neighborhood for the girl, who had left their home while the mother was downstairs for less than five minutes.
When an officer asked the girl, who was heavily medicated and in pain, why she had left the home, she said there was a house with pretty Christmas lights and she wanted to see them, according to the report.