Sarah Allison is a girl of many talents

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Sarah Allison is a very friendly, exceptionally, multitalented 13-year-old girl. She was born July 1, 2003, and has always lived in Pickens. Her parents are David Allison, a lawyer, and Rhonda Allison, a secretary at Six Mile Elementary School.[cointent_lockedcontent]

Sarah is an eighth-grade student at Youth Leadership Academy, located between Pickens and Six Mile. She is an intelligent student, and is a member of the Beta Club there.

She has musical, acting and writing talents. In January 2016, she started taking guitar lessons from Joe Padgett. She enjoys the lessons and practices almost every day. By doing so, she has mastered the strings. She started taking mandolin lessons, and in three months she was playing like a pro.

She also sings. She has a remarkable, lovely voice. In August, she and her guitar teacher entertained the audience at the Pickens Senior Center for an hour. Joe played the guitar, and Sarah played the mandolin and sang. She likes all types of music, but said her favorite song is “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

Sarah also has the amazing talent to act. In September 2015, she made her debut in the Thornton Wilder play “Our Town” at Enrapt, located on West Main Street in Pickens. Breann Griffin Nicholson, the founder of Enrapt, directed the play. Sarah played the part of Si Crowell. In December 2015, Sarah performed in the play, “A Very Merry Entrap Christmas.”

In April and May, she was in the cast of Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible.” Her role in the play was Betty Parris.

She is currently working on a musical revue of “Annie” that will be performed in Easley.

Sarah also likes to write. She said she started writing at the age of 5. She has written short stories, plays and poems. She has also written a biography about her great grandmother, Bea9-7 Page 2A.indd Davis.

Sarah enjoys spending time with her cousins. She also enjoys playing with and taking care of her two pet bunnies, Sonny and Thumper.

Once, she watched a television show about sign language and became so interested in it that she taught herself the alphabet, and from there she went on to learn how to message in sign language. She said one of her friends at school also knew how to sign. They sent messages to each other.

Sarah has a serious food allergy. Ever since she was 12 months old, she has been allergic to all varieties of nuts, milk and eggs. She is very careful about what she eats, but she never complains about her situation.

She will be attending Pickens High School next year. She said after she graduates, she plans to go to Erskine College in Due West and study arts. She wants to have a career as an arts director or an actress.

Sarah is proud to call herself a Christian. She has a social media account. She uses it to type and send Bible verses and devotions.

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