A jolt of magic teaches students electrical safety

magicMcKissick Elementary assistant principal Anita Richardson, along with principal Gary Mohr, join magician Chris Dixon (center) as he includes students Brendon Lindsey, Kendric Williams and Makaela McIntyre during a magic trick.

EASLEY — Students at a local elementary school got an interesting lesson in electrical safety recently.

However, unlike traditional lecture style lessons, this presentation was of a magical variety.

Using magic tricks and comedy to hold the students’ attention, magician Chris Dixon presented his “Making Accidents Disappear” program, sponsored by Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, to students at McKissick Elementary.

“There is no performing art that is more universally loved among children than magic,” Dixon said. “I’m excited that Blue Ridge Electric Co-op decided to sponsor this program in area elementary schools. Teaching electrical safety in a way that is memorable and fun for the students is a real passion of mine.”

“The Blue Ridge Electric electrical safety program was wonderful,” McKissick principal Gary Mohr said. “The kids were engaged, listening to the presenter for the duration of the program. Combining education with entertainment is the best way to instruct and present information. Blue Ridge does it with this safety program.”

Assistant principal Anita Richardson called the presentation “a great way to teach electrical safety through humor and magic.”

“We are so grateful to Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative for bringing this program to McKissick Elementary,” she said. “Partnerships like this are vital to educating the whole child.”

“At Blue Ridge Electric Co-op we’re totally committed to doing everything in our power to prevent accident-related injuries and deaths among children in our community,” Blue Ridge marketing coordinator Liza Holder said. “A commitment to community and education is one of the things that make rural electric cooperatives different. That’s something our members can be proud of.”