A special Christmas tree tribute

This holiday season, the city of Pickens has a new Christmas tree in town at the intersection of Main Street and North Catherine Street. Pace and Reeves Service Station has a very unique and symbolic tree. The tree, a rare Italian spruce, was planted on the property by Sharon Thomas when it was only about two feet tall and now towers an estimated 45 feet in the air. The tree was not meant for this climate, but has flourished over the years. Pace and Reeves owner John Reeves was asked by the Pickens Women’s Association if he would mind if they had lights put on the tall, thin tree for the holidays. Reeves agreed if he could place two stars on the tree. One atop the tree represents his late partner, Dennis, Pace who passed away in 2003, and the other represents longtime Pace and Reeves employee Andy “Big’un” Reynolds, who died last year. Pictured with the tree are Joe Pilgrim, Reeves and Brandon Pilgrim of Pace and Reeves. The stars were designed and made by Karen Cisson.