Addressing money matters

Here’s a subject I think all of us can relate to:


What, exactly, is it?

I hardly ever see any of my money. It exists only as numbers on a computer. When I buy something, the number gets smaller. When some money comes in, the number gets bigger.

Does money — hard cash — ever really move from one place to another?

It would keep a fleet of couriers bigger than the combined forces of Amazon, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service busy to tote money from here to there to account for every transaction, just in Pickens County, I imagine.

So in reality, money doesn’t exist. It’s imaginary.

What got me to thinking about this lately is the wrangling that has been going on in Congress over its idiotic practice of directing the government to spend money it doesn’t have and can’t even borrow without raising the “debt ceiling.”

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