Alex Saitta files for Pickens County Council District 3 seat

PICKENS — Alex Saitta is a candidate for the District 3 Pickens County Council seat, representing the Pickens area.

Saitta says the county council wants to grow Pickens County at any cost, and in any way, shape or form. This will continue to harm our quality of life with more traffic, stressing our scenic beauty and wildlife, further raise home costs and increase litter, he said.

“I want to preserve our small-town feel, rural-ness and mountain heritage,” Saitta said. “My focus is on the people here and protecting their quality of life first.”

Although he says growth is not a four-letter word, Saitta thinks the residents don’t want strip malls all over the place like U.S. Highway 123 in Easley. However, he does believe Pickens County needs higher paying jobs.

“When we think of growth, the focus needs to be on the jobs that pay a living wage, where graduates from high school and college can stay here and find a professional career or a high-paying trade,” Saitta said.

The school e-learning experience and some having to work from home of late uncovered the fact that many in rural Pickens County still lack access to high-speed internet service, according to Saitta, who said there are 70 teachers/staff and about 1,400 student homes who lack that service. Saitta believes that in 2020, high-speed internet is now an essential service.

“If elected, I’ll work to get the county together with the state and utility companies to push high-speed internet service out to all areas of the county for the benefit of students and those having to sometimes work from home,” he said.

Saitta said COVID-19 is a health risk, but it has also put the economy in a deep recession. Saitta was a financial analyst for 17 years and can help the council with the financial challenges it will soon face.

“The council needs someone with the financial skill to dig into the numbers, direct funds to essential services like reopening the recycling centers on Wednesday and balancing the budget without putting more burdens on citizens and businesses who are now struggling,” Saitta said.

Finally, Saitta cautions voters to be skeptical of last-minute political shenanigans in the upcoming elections.

“Be aware of the last-minute mailer, attack or Facebook hit-job where the other candidate doesn’t have the time to respond,” Saitta said. “Unfortunately, these tactics are being used more frequently now. So if it sounds unusual or outrageous, you can bet it is untrue.”