Alice Mill-area neighbors concerned with scrapyard

By Nikki Rutledge
For The Courier

COUNTY — There were nearly a dozen Alice Mill-area residents in attendance at a recent special called Pickens County Council meeting.

Two homeowners from the area, Bonnie Kay and David Little, spoke during public forum and expressed deep concerns over the potential use of the Alice Mill property near Easley.

The property itself was purchased by a company called C&S Recycling that will allegedly turn the site into a scrap-yard.

Residents in the area have several major concerns, including potential decreases in property values, noise and environmental pollution, the safety of children walking narrow streets with heavy trucks present and a potential increase in theft.

“If this was Smithfields or Middle Creek, would council allow a scrapyard to be built in the middle of the neighborhood?” Kay asked council, referring to other neighborhoods in the Easley area.

Little is responsible for helping to start a community concern meeting in the area and encouraging others to join in the efforts by getting at least 100 signatures on a petition to stop the scrapyard from opening.

“This may be just a mill hill, but this is our mill hill,” said Little, who has lived in his home near the mill for 34 years. “This is our home, and we don’t want a dump to look at and listen to every day.”

In addition, Council also heard a motion to approve the Shady Grove fire station acquiring a piece of property from the county to construct a new entrance and exit to the station. Currently, fire engines have to travel nearly a mile on Pine Grove Church road to be able to safely turn the engine around to travel in the opposite direction.