All those in favor of keeping the moon?

On The Way
By Olivia Fowler

Aren’t you glad they didn’t blow up the moon? I didn’t even know they ever thought of doing it until I heard it on NBC World News. Apparently there was a plan devised sometime during the ‘50s to send an atomic bomb to the moon to destroy it in order to make an impression on the Soviet Union to show how powerful America was.

This was back during the Cold War. The reasoning seems to have been that although the Russians got the cosmonauts into space, we would see to it that they didn’t reach the moon first by eliminating it as a possible destination.

What a brilliant plan. Someone actually thought of it. And had the audacity to suggest it in a meeting. I wonder how it was included on the agenda.

It probably came after the Pledge of Allegiance under New Business, Item A, listed as Plan to Blow Up Moon.

Someone must have said, I make a motion to blow up the moon. Someone else said “I second.” The chairman asked for discussion and then for a vote. I’m sure it passed unanimously. It’s the kind of thing that would. Then the chairman would have appointed a committee to study it, and that’s probably why more than 60 years later the moon is still intact.

But just as soon as it comes out of committee, I’m sure it will be addressed.
True, I’ve been thinking for a long time that everybody in charge has gone off the deep end. Little did I know how far off the deep end they already were during the time I thought Dick and Jane was American literature.

Not for nothing was America settled by a bunch of misfits. For that’s what our ancestors were. They came over to escape prison, make their fortunes, convert the Indians and become infamous.

Many were thrown out of their countries of origin. Some were crazy, and most all were reckless, impatient, risk-taking rule-breakers. Else they would never have made it over.

No wonder their descendants considered blowing up the moon. Why not? We’re not busy right now. Sounds like fun. Let’s do it.

It would probably have created jobs. That’s as likely as waiting for the wealthiest two percent to start creating all those jobs. They haven’t done it yet while enjoying the benefits of tax cuts, so I don’t know why anybody expects them to suddenly start creating jobs now when recovery has begun.

Maybe we should encourage them to work on a plan to blow up the moon. It couldn’t be much worse than what they’re doing now, which appears to be nothing. Nothing but talk, talk, talk.

I wish someone would tell them they have the right to remain silent. It would do the world a great service if they had the ability to do so.