An uplifting preview of Christmas

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

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By Ben Robinson

It’s been kind of an uplifting day.

Sometimes I get discouraged by the complications life presents. Then God apparently smacks it into my head, and I am excited again.

Today as I was working on an article, Georgia Chapman called and invited me to Saturday’s McKinney Chapel Christmas Pageant. She said it simply did not seem right doing the pageant without me.

Of course, I realize that my part in the pageant is to cover it for whatever publication I am working for at the time. It goes fine without me because of the wonderful people who present the pageant. I just take a few pictures, eat lots of free snacks and head back down the mountain. I get so much more from the event than I could ever give.

Then later in the day, I visited Buddy Cox, Country Santa. Buddy has been sending me on last-second runs for the past several years when the original “elf” could not find the family that was supposed to receive the gift. As he has noted, a few families I have found would not have had Christmas without my efforts, but thousands of families would miss Christmas if not for Buddy’s and his other volunteers’ efforts. It’s actually an honor that they allow me to help.

We started talking about this year’s deliveries, and at this point Country Santa seems to be in pretty good shape. But send more donations anyway, because Buddy makes sure that all that is donated finds its way to somebody in need.

Either way, between McKinney Chapel and Country Santa, I should have a pretty good Christmas. And I can only feel good about any Christmas to come.

So, merry Christmas, folks. May your fondest dreams come true in the coming year.