Annual Dacusville Farm Show set for Labor Day weekend

By Ben Robinson, For The Courier

DACUSVILLE — For many years Jim Robinson and his family had operated the Dacusville Farm days celebration on Labor day weekend.

But last year Jim’s oldest son Randy died after an unexpected heart attack, and Jim found that he had lost some of the joy he had experienced.

“We worked hard every year, but we worked together, and Randy was a big part of that,” Robinson said. “The plan was for Randy to take over more and more of the show, eventually taking over the entire show. But the Lord had other plans, and he called Randy home last year.

“We loved the show, and enjoyed the family and our friends pulling together to make something special happen. But with Randy no longer with us, it did not seem right to continue. We wanted to let the show die with Randy.”

But when word got out that the Robinson family was no longer going to produce the show, several friends of the show came together with a plan to continue the Farm Show tradition.

“Tim McConnell and several of our neighbors wanted the farm show to continue, and they took charge of continuing it,” Robinson said. “They are good people, and I wish them well.”

Since its inception, the festival has been held on Robinson’s property in Dacusville, but this year it will be held near Nine Forks Baptist church on S.C. 186.

The Dacusville Heritage Association will host the festival this year on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. Featured will be traditional favorites, including the Parade of Power (all tractors at the festival circling the grounds several times a day), antique tractors and construction equipment, classic cars and jeeps, hayrides, steam engines, arts and crafts.

No alcoholic beverages or concealed weapons are allowed at the festival.

For more information, call McConnell at (864) 423-3239 or Tom Turner at 380-3337, or email