Appreciate your right to vote

I wasn’t around 100 years ago, but I can imagine what discussions about the radical notion of allowing women to vote must have sounded like around here in the year 1919.

“Well, you know we’ll be on the road to ruination if we let these ladies vote,” Jasper P. Goodbody might have said, snapping the strap on his suspenders for emphasis.

“Yeah, they’ll even try to elect a woman president one of these days and make a law requiring men to help out with the cookin’ and cleanin’,” his buddy Willie T. Melonhead might reply, spewing a stream of tobacco juice out the corner of his mouth to punctuate his disdain for the dystopian future he imagined women’s suffrage would bring about.

I’m sorry, ladies, but our Founding Fathers didn’t think y’all were smart

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