BC and the mule

I was sitting in the kitchen basically doing very little that you could attach a work sign onto. Looking through the window, I noticed Mr. B.C. walking toward our house. He appeared to be in a bit of a hurry. I surmised from his walking pace that he wanted to borrow something. Apparently I guessed accurately, because he eyed me through the window and motioned for me to come outside.

Not knowing exactly what he wanted, I very quickly began to utilize the extraordinary memory portion of my teenage brain. Let me think, have I done anything to Mr. B.C. that Daddy doesn’t know about? Do I owe him any money? I really cannot think of any monetary reimbursement that might be in arrears.

Hmmm! I don’t think I have been up to his house for quite some time. Mr. B.C. lived less than a quarter mile up Shady Grove Road from our house. He and his wife, Evelyn, along with their two boys had been our good neighbors for a number of years. In addition, B.C. had been one of

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