Behavioral Health plans town hall event

PICKENS — Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County will hold a town hall meeting Thursday at the Oolenoy River Baptist Association Headquarters at 301 Secona Road in Pickens targeting underage drinking in the county.

The purpose of the town hall meeting is to increase awareness about the problem of underage drinking in our community and educate specific populations in the community about their role in preventing underage drinking. Those attending will be hearing from different decorated officers of the community, in addition to other community members educated in the issue of underage drinking.

BHSPC will also take this opportunity to showcase what the Pickens County Youth Board has noted to be “hotspots,” or youth targeted spots for underage drinking in the Pickens community. Community members will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in a community-led discussion about underage drinking in Pickens County.

For more information, contact Alexander Dukes at (864) 898-5800 or via email at