Benefit planned for Cannon

SALEM — There will be a benefit for J. Loyde Cannon, native of Oconee County, on Saturday, March 26, at Calvary Baptist Church in Salem from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. There will be gospel singing, hot dog plates, a yard sale and a bake sale.

There will be various groups singing including: Point of Light, Flat Creek Bluegrass, Leah Ann Gravely, Roger and Martha Gravely, Randall Martin, and others.

Cannon is a 15-year cancer survivor of stage four lung and brain cancer. In 1995-96, Cannon and three of his sisters were all diagnosed with third and forth stage lung cancer all within nine months time. Cannon lost three sisters that same year to lung cancer while fighting his own battle with last stage lung and brain cancer.

Cannon had to have brain surgery to remove a malignant tumor the size of a golf ball. After the surgery, Cannon had to take extensive chemo treatment before having half of his lung removed. Today 15 years later, he is still cancer free.

On November 8, Cannon was taken to the hospital barely alive. When the ambulance got to the hospital the ER doctor told the family that his heart was beating only one beat every 12 seconds and he was breathing only one breath every 18 seconds.

Cannon was suffering from double pneumonia along with his lung disease. While in the hospital he suffered a stroke that left him unable to walk and had weakened his swallowing muscles in his throat in which his pneumonia was caused by aspiration.  This led to having to him getting a peg tube until extensive therapy helps him regain his walking and swallowing. Cannon was hospitalized for two months.
After being released, he had to receive extensive therapy at different levels. He has just had his Peg Tube removed and is making progress. Cannon has many medical expenses. For more information or to make a donation:  call Roger & Martha Gravely @ 878-7794,  Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Dr. Jack Cannon @ 436-5629, Lorraine Land @ 944-5500, and Pat Cannon @ 944-0618.