Best ever? Clemson certainly has a case

So, raise your hand if you had Clemson winning by 28 points Monday night.

No, nobody? Bueller? Bueller?

That’s OK — I don’t think anybody in their right mind could have foreseen what the Tigers did to Alabama in the 44-16 win that clinched their third national championship, and their second in three years.

Heck, I was telling anyone who asked in the days leading up to the game that I liked Clemson 31-28, and I was getting all kinds of side-eyed looks for that prediction.

Folks, this wasn’t supposed to happen. A Clemson win? Sure. But a complete evisceration of the mighty Crimson Tide? Surely not.

Intercepting the unflappable Tua Tagovailoa twice? The offensive line more than holding its own after being put to shame in the Sugar Bowl by

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