Big Mac: Huge McDonalds restaurant coming to Easley

EASLEY — Easley is about to become home to one of the largest McDonalds restaurants in the United States.

Beginning in May, the current McDonalds and Chief’s Wings and Firewater, located on U.S. Highway 123, will be completely demolished to make way for a palatial, state-of-the-art fast food restaurant.
Maurice Collins, owner of the McDonalds franchises in Easley, Pickens and Powdersville, said that the 2,000-square-foot restaurant, originally built in 1975, is going to be replaced by a 7,000-square-foot eatery that will better accommodate the daily high traffic volume.

According to Collins, the Easley McDonalds averages 2,000 customers per day.

Utilizing the property where Chief’s is presently located, in addition to the property McDonalds occupies, will give Collins roughly two acres on which to construct the new restaurant. One of the more significant changes planned is shifting the building. While the current McDonalds sits facing U.S. 123, the new McDonalds will sit sideways, running parallel to and decreasing the traffic back-up on the highway.
Measuring approximately 45 feet wide and 154 feet long, the new McDonalds will also be equipped with a dual order drive-through — another design feature meant to improve customer service.

Easley McDonalds’ current drive-through can accommodate a length of roughly 19 cars.

“The new drive-through will be able to stack 30-35 cars and we will be able to take orders two at a time,” said Collins. “We will also have the latest technology available. A camera system will photograph cars when they order and then show the image on the screen to ensure the correct customer is matched to his order.”

In addition to being able to serve a larger volume of drive-through traffic, the new McDonalds restaurant will also expand its dining-in capacity from 150 to 200 patrons. Collins said that there are also plans for more overflow outdoor seating.

“The interior colors and seating are going to be very upscale,” said Collins. “People will be pleased with the improvements.”

As many parents know, no McDonalds would be complete without a play area for the children. Collins has made provisions for a 40-foot play area complete with brand new equipment for children to enjoy.
Recreating the McDonalds in Easley has given Collins the opportunity to redesign the kitchen layout. The restaurant will also have state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and a design that will make organization and coordination easier for employees as well. This, ultimately, ensures that McDonalds customers will have a more efficient and enjoyable experience, Collins said.

Collins is not certain of the exact date demolition and construction will begin, however, he estimates it will take approximately 109 days to complete the project. He estimates a 10-15 percent growth in sales, and that he will have to increase his current number of employees from 80 to 100.