Birchwood’s Book and Author Fair set

COUNTY — The annual Book and Author Fair sponsored by the Birchwood Center for Arts and Folklife in Pickens County has been scheduled for Sunday afternoon, Aug. 9, from 2-5 p.m., in All Saints Hall at the Pickens Presbyterian Church at 311 W. Main St. in downtown Pickens.

[cointent_lockedcontent]The fair is a South Carolina Upcountry literary event where local and regional authors gather to meet each other and their readers, and to sell and sign copies of their works. Authors producing many types of writing will be represented: novelists, poets, historians, journalists, memoirists, visual artists, writers of children’s literature. Some of the writers will also be featured in a program of brief readings from their works.

Among the writers who plan to participate in the fair are Piper Ahern, Gil Allen, Claire Bateman, Mary Breu, Katie Crawford, John Fowler, Vera Gomez, Michael Helms, Jean Hunt, Sue Lile Inman, Dot Jackson, John Jeter, Tom Johnson, Cathy Pickens, Anna Simon, George Singleton, and Nancy Dew Taylor. Carol Young Gallagher, co-editor (along with Anna Katherine Freeland) of recently published “Didn’t See It Coming,” will also participate. The book is a collection of writings from the advanced writing workshop led by Gallagher and Freeland at Perry Correctional Institution. The University of South Carolina Press and the Emrys Foundation of Greenville will also be represented at the event.

The fair is free and open to the public. For more information, call (828) 676-4331, (864) 224-9392, or (864)414-2465.[/cointent_lockedcontent]