Blood Connection offering free virus antibody testing

COUNTY — The Blood Connection is offering free COVID-19 antibody testing for donors.

The antibody test will test a sample of each donor’s blood to see if it contains COVID-19 antibodies. The service is offered to TBC blood donors at all blood donation centers and mobiles across South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, at no cost. Donors are encouraged to make an appointment first, to maintain adequate social distancing.

Some important things to note:

• The test is not to determine if the donor is infected with COVID-19. Positive test results do not confirm COVID-19 infection or immunity. A positive antibody result is indicative of the body’s immune response to COVID-19.

• The test is only available to those who complete a whole blood, platelet or plasma donation where samples are successfully collected.

• The results of a COVID-19 antibody test will be posted on the donor’s TBC online portal within seven business days of their donation.

• More information about the testing is available at

• Appointments can be made at by clicking the “donate now” link.