Butterfly Ministry to host fashion show on Saturday

By Ben Robinson
Staff Reporter

UPSTATE — The Butterfly Ministry will present its annual American Girl fashion show Saturday, Oct. 4, at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, at 220 North Main St. in Greenville.

The ministry provides American Girls dolls to young girls in various foster homes across the state. Each little girl is told that they are very special, they are loved, and a lot of people made this donation possible. And then they are told how to take care of their new “friend.”

The girl is also told about Jesus Christ.

The ministry is run by Sandra and Frank Hubbard of Easley.

In 2011, a young girl and her caseworker were killed in a car accident in Pickens.

The little girl had a fascination with butterflies and also American Girl dolls, though she never owned one of her own. The Hubbards started Butterfly Ministries in honor of that little girl, 9-year-old Raven Stancil, providing American Girl dolls to various Upstate orphanages including Miracle Hill Ministries and Helping Hands in Central.

Year-round Butterfly Mininistries accepts damaged, used or new American Girl dolls in honor of the Butterfly Girl. If the dolls are in need of repair, they will be sent to the American Girl Doll Hospital in Wisconsin. The ministry collects new and used American Girl books for girls in foster care. The ministry also accepts cash donations to help repair dolls, purchase used and new dolls, and/or books.

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