Cannon Hospital launches new ad campaign aimed at mammography education

PICKENS — Cannon Memorial Hospital recently launched a new advertising campaign in the community aimed at making people aware of the benefits of digital mammography and the fact that the hospital now has the latest technology in the early detection of breast cancer. 
The campaign features a variety of fruits in all sizes with the headline, “size doesn’t matter, technology does.” 
“We felt like we had to get outside of the box to catch people’s attention and help them understand that Cannon Hospital is providing cutting edge healthcare in their own backyard,” said Amanda Dow, Cannon’s director of community relations. 
The campaign will feature billboards, direct mail pieces and newspaper ads. 
Along with remodeled rooms, flooring and walls, the mammography suite is equipped with a Hologic® full field digital mammography unit.  
“Digital mammography is so superior and comes with a number of benefits, not only to the physicians but also to the patients,” said Tony Tecson, director of radiology at Cannon. “This new technology will allow the radiologist to have a clear view of the breast tissue, enlarge the image and look closer at any areas of concern, cutting down on the number of second views that are necessary with traditional film.”
The hospital’s foundation kicked off a fundraising campaign in May of last year to help fund the digital mammography project. 
They are continuing to raise money, but the board of trustees felt that the community needed the technology as soon as possible and moved forward with purchasing the unit. 
To date, the campaign has raised $327,000 of the $350,000 goal. If you’re interested in making a donation to this project, contact the foundation office at 898-1252.