Cat conundrums

Well, I guess I can’t go any further without telling you about my cats.
I call them my cats, but they’re not really mine. I didn’t choose them.
They chose me.
Or rather, God sent them to me.
I think it was to teach me deep spiritual and sociological truths.
I’m not sure how well I’m learning my lessons, but let me relate to you the most recent episode.
As I write this, one of our three cats — named “Bluesy” — has gone missing.
These are all “outside” cats, you know, so this can happen any time, and has happened twice before with other cats we’ve had. One of those times, the cat came back — after an absence of three or four years!
I’m worried about Bluesy, though, because I think she has been going deaf recently. She doesn’t seem to hear me walking up behind her, and then all of a sudden, she’ll jump when she realizes I’m there. So I’m worried that she may not have heard a car coming.
Or, she may just be mad at me because I gave her some grief over her pooping right next to the walkway in the front yard, where I was planning to plant an herb garden.
Bluesy is a little like me — she has (or had) somewhat of an oversized appetite. She was

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