Catching a case of TB

If my best friend Joe and I had not met each other in our early teens, we most likely would have succumbed to a most dangerous and contagious disease called “Teen Boredom” or T.B. for short. When this affliction gets into a teenager’s system, it’s pretty much incurable. At least until he or she gets into their middle-aged years, if at all.

Here is just one example of teenage boredom. Joe and I were sitting at his house one day in March with nothing in particular to do. Now, if we had several assigned jobs to accomplish, we would not have to “think” for ourselves. This is definitely bordering on boredom when a teenager has to think.

After a 30-second planning meeting, we decided to go on a road hike. This type of hike is easy to plan. The only requirement for me was to make sure we returned home in time for me to milk the cow(s), slop the chickens, feed the hogs, carry in the firewood, do my homework and eat

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Paul O’Shield is a local native who enjoys writing about his time as a youngster growing up in Pickens County.