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Choosing to manage our time more wisely

In this modern world in which we live, the access of information is becoming an addiction. For many people, technology is emotionally stimulating entertainment, and as it continues to advance, we wonder if the intent is to influence us within this evolution of pleasure enhancement.

It’s amazing to consider that only 70 years ago the concept of computers controlling the masses seemed more like science fiction but now it has become a reality. Who would have dreamed that in this short period of time that most everyone would be connected

American Legion needs your help

I came across an unusual confab outside the coffee shop today. What was different this time was the presence of younger veterans.

“We’ll help you,” a young vet said to the group. “All you have to do is contact us and we’ll be here. Or there. Or wherever you are.”

I pieced together what was going on. The senior veterans were concerned about being able to form a funeral detail. One of their group was in the hospital and it wasn’t looking good, either for the veteran or the local American Legion Post itself. The younger veterans, probably

Courier Letters to the Editor 7-8-20

Human capital

Dear Editor,

We are capital already as humans. You can sell your time now, but people don’t notice that everything they do can be translated to money somehow.

Most Americans aren’t taxpayers, and most taxpayers are living paycheck to paycheck. They want to entertain themselves and not have a godly good time like they should.

Americans spend more time watching TV, surfing the internet and listening to the radio than they do working.

Americans need to focus more on passing down wealth to their offspring.

Jordan Cooper



Will life ever be normal again?

The experts can’t agree on when (if ever) the coronavirus will completely vanish, or if they’ll be able to create a vaccine and when it will actually be safe to eat in a restaurant. Will this be like the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, with a mild first wave, followed by a deadly second wave months later? Just today there was snarling among the experts about whether asymptomatic people (those with the virus but no symptoms) can actually pass along the germs.

What if it takes a very long time to return to normal? I think we need to be prepared for that, for having a new

Letters to the Editor

That grand old flag

Dear Editor,

It’s a grand old flag with 50 stars of white in a field of blue. With red and white stripes, too.

It’s a grand old flag that proudly waved with holes from the battle blown through there at Fort McHenry when the British tried to our young country to take. A grand old flag waving as our troops faced the Bertha Gun in World War I. Proudly waved over Iwo Jima and at Normandy on D-Day. In Korea, she flew proudly as we held the ground. It was there in ‘Nam when Uncle Sam kicked ol’ Papa Ho’s hiney around. Flying over the land proudly while back home some were marching in the

Parents’ most important responsibility is serious

I was thinking the other day about how life has changed since I was a little boy. I’m sure that many of you can agree that we never imagined some of the things we are seeing.

I remember when I was young, life was fairly simple, and when I would listen to my mom and dad talk to each other, it was mostly about paying bills and all the little things that kept everything going.

We would watch the Huntley-Brinkley report, but I don’t recall my parents discussing politics that much. In those days, the Beatles having hair below their ears was a sign the world was coming to an end. When it came to the news, I cannot recall my parents or grandparents being

Our routines are out of sync

The new ways we shop for groceries is only the tip of the iceberg this year. Thanks to the coronavirus, there are a number of other things we will likely end up doing in a different way.
Many of us have put aside one item on our annual to-do list: filing our taxes. The tax due date was pushed back to July 15, and that date is coming up quickly.

If you’ll owe taxes and generally send in a cashier’s check with your return, you’ll need to get that in advance if you don’t want to stand in line in your bank. Many banks are providing services through the drive-up

SC restaurant program could make it less dangerous to dine out again

South Carolina’s hospitality industry got overtaken by events this past week — in a good way — when three of the state’s largest cities adopted ordinances to require people to wear masks in public, including in restaurants.

We can’t very well keep our masks on while we’re eating, and wait staff have to get pretty close to serve our meals and even to take our orders, so restaurants will always be one of our biggest challenges in the age of COVID-19. Compound that with many restaurants’ refusal to require their staff to wear masks, and we have a recipe for infection — and an invitation for a large swath of customers to keep eating at home, dealing a potentially fatal blow to individual

Land of the lost and missing

Somewhere out there, possibly in the fourth and invisible dimension, is a country with an unknown location. None of us will ever be able to go there. We are not sure, but we think it isn’t populated by humans.

But we know that in this strange country are the answers to many questions we have and have had.

For example, “Where are my car keys?” On occasion, a set of car keys disappears, and although a thorough search is carried out by the owner of the keys and every available person, the keys will never be found.

You may think that’s impossible. But it is not. Because this and other similar disappearances

Critical mass not difficult to achieve

Critical mass not difficult to achieve

Dear Editor,

In the 1990s, I stumbled across the statement below. In our country today, it seems to fit now more than ever.

“‘Critical mass’ is not that difficult to achieve. It is not nearly as high a number as most people think.