Central man arrested on kidnapping charge

CENTRAL — A Central man faces charges of domestic violence and kidnapping following an incident in which police say he held his wife and confined her against her will at a home on Eaton Lane in Central.
According to reports, Central police say the victim and her sister went to the Central police department on March 16 to report a case of domestic violence and kidnapping.
The victim told officers that she had returned from church to find her home dark with all the lights turned out. When she entered, she told officers, she lit a candle and was met by her husband. She alleged that her husband then shouted, “You were at church looking for a man.” She told officers she later went to bed.
The following morning she told police she was in her bedroom getting dressed and her husband came into the room and ripped her shirt off and threw her to the bed.
Police say she alleged that her husband then held her arms down while sitting on her and would not let her move. She told police that she kept asking to be let up but her husband would not let her go. She said when her husband got off after approximately 20 minutes, she went into the bathroom. While in the bathroom, she told police, her husband entered and physically pushed her around. She told officers he then starting knocking items to the floor. The victim said that her husband got a walking cane and stood in front her. She said she tried to leave, but her husband would not allow it. She said she later went to bed. The next morning she alleged that her husband said she could leave only if she cleaned the house. She said she did and left the home.
On March 19, Central police charged Edward Holden Collins, 59, with kidnapping and first degree criminal domestic violence.