Changes coming?

City’s historic water tank to be evaluated

By Jason Evans
Staff Reporter

PICKENS — A piece of the city of Pickens’ branding is set to undergo an evaluation.

City administrator Philip Trotter said Pickens City Council has requested the city’s water tanks be evaluated.

Evaluations for the water tanks currently in service have been completed, and maintenance/repair schedules have been completed, he said.

Those tanks currently in use are the Blacksnake tank, the Fox Squirrel ground tank and the Fox Squirrel tank, the Tater Hill tank and the Main Street tank, Trotter said.

The out-of-service water tank behind Main Street will also be evaluated, he said.

American Tank Maintenance does the maintenance work for the city’s water tanks, Trotter said.

A report on the condition of the tank behind Main Street will also be presented to council once the evaluation is complete, he said.

In 2012, Pickens City Council voted to have the historic water tank behind Main Street repainted and to have the city’s logo — new at that time — applied to it.

Since then, the tank behind Main Street has become part of the city’s “Historic Pickens” branding.