Changing our perspective

Decisions are a part of life that we face every day. With everything from what we will wear to purchasing a new washing machine, our choices contribute as key components of our success and failures that are also directly connected to our peace and joy.

Sometimes we are strongly influenced with the mesmerizing sparkle and emotional excitement that pulls us into a hypnosis, and this crossroad can be a dangerous place to make a long-term commitment.

It’s also common to experience regret after making a decision that did not turn out like we thought it would and is a discouraging environment, especially if we conclude there is no reasonable way out. For example, it would be miserable to buy an expensive sports car and then discover it’s uncomfortable to drive and is consistently breaking down with outrageous repair costs. Even more deflating would be to realize no one else wants it and we owe more than it is worth.

We can go down the list and see the many different areas of life where people are disappointed and feel hopelessly trapped. Things like a huge house mortgage that is more like a ball and chain than home sweet home, a

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