Changing sleeping habits

Ben Robinson
Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

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By Ben Robinson

I am currently attempting to change my sleeping habits. It is not as easy as it would seem.

Every night, when I try to go to sleep, I cannot fall asleep for some reason.

I wish I could lie and say I am just too sore from the day’s work, but generally that is not true. As most of you know I am currently unemployed, which means I do not have anywhere I must go early in the morning. The people who make decisions on who to hire and when generally get off work around 5 p.m., and they do not like staying after hours just to tell some fat slob they are not hiring. So I must make my attempts at returning to the world of the employed during the day. People generally prefer to turn me away during regular business hours.

That’s when I am seeking employment. Generally when I am asking a girl for a date, she will turn me down no matter what time of the day it is. Last week a girl turned me down and served my meal without fries too.

So Monday morning comes, and I find it difficult to get out of bed for the job I do not have. I will drag through the day, halfway asleep, until finally the time will come for me to make friends with the bed Monday night.

And then magically I will not be able to go to sleep again until around 4 a.m.

It is hard for me to understand this situation. It is like I am determined to feel lousy.

But for this case, I have checked with our family’s newest expert.

Karson Hamilton is just a few weeks old, yet we share the same problem. According to Karson’s father Kevin, the boy is generally awake from midnight until 7 a.m. every night. Kevin, who apparently would love to be sleeping during this time, is looking for answers for his son.

I have tried to assist Karson, in an effort to assist me. One thing Karson does that apparently helps him sleep peacefully I am just not willing to go that far. Plus I really do not know anybody well enough to ask them to change my diaper.

I have thought of different ideas that could help Karson sleep. I thought he could watch sports, but with the NBA season complete, there’s not likely to be anything sleep-inducing on air. I thought about taking him to hear Dr. Jack Hester preach, but I just want to help the kid sleep — not turn him against religion.

I thought about some of the books I’ve read to help me go to sleep, but from what I hear, expecting a child to read before his six-month birthday is not really being fair to the child.

So I decided that it will take time. I will try to be as active as possible during the day. Eventually my body may get smart enough to figure out that the only time I will be able to sleep is at night. If that works, I will share my regiment with Karson and see how we both do.