Chastain Road deals with tragedy

LIBERTY — Unexpected death is difficult for a mature adult to deal with, but it can be even tougher on elementary-aged children.
So the death of Emma Elizabeth Boughman presented a unique challenge for the staff of Chastain Road Elementary School, as teachers attempted to help students as they dealt with unique emotions while dealing with their own personal sorrow over the situation.
Chastain Road Principal Elliott Southard said that last Friday the school had help from counselors from other schools in the district.
“The first thing we had to do is make sure the students realized and understood what had happened,” Southard said. “Then we tried to be there for them as they dealt with this difficult situation.”
“Basically this is something that touched the Liberty community in general,” Southard said. “Most folks know everybody in the community.”
Southard said his staff had to be there for the children even as they dealt with their own personal sorrow.
“Everyone felt this on both a personal and a professional level,” Southard said.
Southard said his staff will be mindful of students’ emotions in the coming months as they deal with this loss.
“Folks react to loss in different ways,” Southard said.
Southard said the school may consider some kind of memorial to Boughman on the Chastain Road campus, perhaps a memorial garden or something similar.