Christmas miracles still exist

By Nicole Daughhetee
Courier Staff

I recall telling this story in one of my columns last year because I was so proud of my daughter’s tender heart and thoughtfulness. The short version is that Ella had overheard one of her classmates telling their teacher that she wouldn’t have Christmas because her Mommy and Daddy didn’t have enough money.

Ella came home and wanted to give her classmate our tree and ornaments.

What we ended up doing was purchasing a tree, with lights and ornaments, for the family. We also picked out gifts for her classmate and wrapped them up. With the help of Ella’s amazing teacher and a few other teacher and parent elves, we worked together to share the true meaning of Christmas: love and benevolence.

It was such a special blessing to be able to help a family in need and to be able to share that with my daughters, because giving and thinking of others is something my mom always emphasized and modeled for me when I was a little girl.

There have been many changes in our household since last Christmas. All the transition, coupled with the national economic climate, has found me in a financial condition I’ve never quite experienced before. I am learning first-hand what it feels like to struggle and live paycheck to paycheck — not always certain if I am going to be able to pay all of my bills each month.

Until recently I have been hesitant to seek full-time employment outside of home because my No. 1 priority was to provide stability and quality time for my daughters in the midst of all the changes taking place in their lives. As their mom, I wanted to be there for and with them; and, let’s face it, day care is expensive.

In the last few weeks the need to find full-time employment has hit me like a freight train. Truth be told, my financial stresses and struggles have increased to the point where I often feel like I am suffocating.

Yet, I have so much for which to be thankful. With the help of my Mom, we have been able to pay the mortgage on our house, and none of us has endured a night without heat or a morning without breakfast.

On Friday I was blessed in a way that I will never forget, and there will never be words adequate enough to express my thanks. I have been praying for a Christmas miracle, and God blessed us with such love and care that as I sit here and write this tears well up and stream down my cheeks.

There are angels in Pickens County. I know this for certain because God put them in my life. And I will be forever blessed by their love and kindness. They embody the true spirit of Christmas, not only during this holiday season, but also year-round in all they do behind the scenes to help families in Pickens County.

For those of you who are having a difficult time this Christmas, I encourage you to have hope, faith and to never stop believing in Christmas miracles, because there are amazing people in this world filled with the spirit of love and benevolence. We mau not always see them, but they’re there.

I wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas filled with peace, joy and blessings.