City of Pickens may be able to buy Bruce Field

By Rocky Nimmons

PICKENS — The city of Pickens is moving closer to getting a chance at either leasing or buying Pickens High School’s Bruce Field.
During Monday night’s monthly council meeting, council was told that the city was in discussion with Pickens County School Board Superintendent Henry Hunt about both possibilities.
“We would love to have it,” Pickens Recreation Director Cheri Anthony told council.
Mayor David Owens told council it would be an asset to the city to keep the facility. He added that the city still needed to study the cost involved in maintaining the stadium and wait to hear further from the school district on their thought on selling or leasing the property.
In other business, council voted to pass the final reading of ordinances that will raise water rates in light of the upcoming renovation planned for the city’s aging water plant. The increase will raise rates to city residents $3 per month for water and $2 per month for sewer service. Those outside the city will see a $5 water rate increase.
Owens told council letters have been sent to inform all customers of the added cost. The increase is expected to be seen on city water bills during the February billing cycle.
Council also voted to pass the final reading on ordinances that will amend the city budget and procurement codes. The amendments would make the budget more closely mirror that of neighboring city municipalities and that of the state model. The biggest change would be the need for sealed bids for expenses from $5,000-$10,000.
Council then voted to pass the first reading of an ordinance to rezone a parcel of land on 316 South Lewis Street to RM-16.
Councilman Carlton Holley informed council that the Pickens Senior Center on Hagood Street would be available for Christmas parties and other events at a rate of $15 per hour. He said the center offers a full kitchen and plenty of parking for those looking for a nice place for the holidays.
Holley said that availability could be obtained by calling the center or city hall.