City responds to Catherine Street traffic concerns

By Ben Robinson

Courier Staff

PICKENS — After the Rev. Bill Pace brought his concerns about traffic on Catherine Street before Pickens City Council last month, the city responded with proof of action in the area.

Pace again appeared at the Pickens City Council meeting Monday night to further express his concerns about the situation.

Pace said that it was rare to see high school-aged drivers on Catherine Street. The problem seems to lie with older drivers, Pace said.

“The problem still exists on Catherine Street,” Pace said as he opened his comments.

Pace wondered if the city could assign more officers to patrol the street.

According to records given at the meeting, Pickens police monitored the street in October, with 1,941 cars using the street. The majority of drivers, 1,438, were traveling at or below the posted speed limit. The report stated that 503 vehicles were exceeding the posted 30 mile per hour limit.

“The only way you’re going to stop speeding is to get rid of the cars,” Mayor David Owen said. “We can’t put officers there 24 hours and seven days a week.”

Owens said he felt the city’s officers were responding well.

“I feel our officers are doing a good job,” Owens said.

Pickens cleanup

EFFORTS continue

Councilman Carlton Holley reported that the city picked up 23 tons of yard debris last month.

Holley asked for patience as workers catch up on a busy spring that featured much poor weather. Anyone with special cleanup needs is asked to contact City Hall.

Seniors completing

Hagood renovations

John Howard reported that renovations were almost complete at the remodeled Hagood Center, which formerly housed Hagood Elementary, and asked for $3,700 to complete the project. Howard said the former school was now home to several groups, including New Beginnings Church and Weight Watchers.

Council approved the additional funding at the meeting.