City to allow resident continued use of pasture land around lake

PICKENS — Pickens resident Ronnie Mauldin will be allowed to continue using City of Pickens property near City Lake as pasture for his horses following a vote on Monday night by the Pickens City Council.
Mauldin was sent an eviction notice to remove the horses, but council reconsidered the notice in an effort to educate land owners around the lake in the proper ways to keep animal materials from entering the lake. City Lake is the watershed for the Pickens City water system.
Councilman Fletcher Perry told Mauldin that the city would allow him to keep his horses on the property, but he may have to move his fence back and plant certain types of grass to create a buffer. Mauldin would also have to obtain liability insurance for the property he used that belonged to the city.
Mayor David Owens said that the city would benefit from showing other landowners in the area how to properly maintain their pastures and avoid the dangers of runoff going into the city’s raw water supply.
In other business, council voted to pass the second and final reading that will annex a parcel of land at 145 Hillrose Lane into the city.
Council also voted to accept the low bid of $21,250 from Roofing Concepts to replace the roof at city hall and to award the design phase of the planned amphitheatre slated for downtown behind the Boggs-Bradley House.