City to review fire contracts


By Ben Robinson, Courier Staff

PICKENS — To clear up any confusion over any contracts the city may have with new county-operated fire stations, the city of Pickens is reviewing all agreements.

“(County officials’) misunderstanding was that things were going to go on as they were,” city administrator Katherine Hendricks said. “(The city’s latest contract with the county) was for $315,000. In my opinion, there’s no debate — either full contract, like we’ve had all these years, or we’re going to supplement. I just don’t understand where there’s any gray room, because that’s the way it’s been done for a very long time.”

The city did offer a six-month extension, so as the fire stations become ready to serve the public, the city won’t have to amend its budget.

“We’re not trying to be hard to get along with,” Hendricks said. “We’re just asking the same thing we’ve had forever and ever.”

County officials thought that a new $35,000 contract also included the city firefighters’ response to fire alarms.

“If they want to do this for six months, we’ll do that,” mayor David Owens said. “Then we’ll go to the $35,000.”

Hendricks said she planned to meet with county officials Thursday.

Councilman Patrick Lark said he was amazed by the number of people who showed up Saturday to help with the Town Creek cleanup.

“It’s unbelievable the amount of people who showed up, and just how enthusiastic, and how hard a lot of people worked,” Lark said. Lark said more than 40 volunteers showed up to help.

Councilman Carlton Holley reported that about 75 cars participated in the city’s first cruise-in of the year Saturday night, and many more have expressed regret in missing the event.

“Well, it’s on the website,” Owens said, “So they will learn.”

Council also approved a contract not to exceed $15,500 for renovations to the Pickens Chamber office at 222 West Main Street.