Clinton carries county on way to primary win

COUNTY — A week after Republican frontrunner Donald Trump swept to a resounding primary victory in the Palmetto State, Democratic leader Hillary Clinton did the same in her party’s South Carolina primary on Saturday.

Although Clinton won by a landslide across the state, garnering 73.5 percent of the 369,526 votes cast, vastly outpacing challenger Bernie Sanders’ 26 percent, the balloting in Pickens County was much closer.

In fact, Clinton’s slim margin of victory in Pickens County was the smallest in the state for the former N.Y. senator, secretary of state and first lady.

Clinton was one vote shy of 2,500 across the 61 Pickens County precincts, while Sanders racked up 1,988 votes. Willie Wilson also drew 10 votes, while Martin O’Malley, who suspended his campaign a month ago, earned eight votes.

Sanders had higher vote counts than Clinton in nearly 20 Pickens County precincts, while the two candidates tied in four other precincts.

Despite an expanding base of supporters, Sanders has fallen far behind Clinton in delegate counts, and Super Tuesday races this week had the potential to all but secure the party’s nomination for Clinton. Results from the 11 states holding Democratic votes on Tuesday were unavailable at press time.

A dozen states were voting for Republican candidates on Tuesday, with Trump also close to sealing his grip on the GOP nomination for November’s election.