Coming soon, new potatoes

By Olivia Fowler
For the Courier

It’s March, and new potatoes are soon going to be plentiful. It’s up to us to take advantage of them.

New potatoes are special. They have thin, delicate skins. When they’re first dug from the earth, the skins can come off when they’re washed.

For most of these recipes, we recommend using small new potatoes. Their unique flavor is slightly different from that of larger, older potatoes, and you only have the opportunity to experience that in spring.

If you have a good source for local produce, buy from there. If not, look around in your grocery store. Ideally, you can grow your own, but unless they’re already growing in your garden, it’s a little late to be thinking of that.

So hurry and get your potatoes. There’s nothing like them.