Community prayer service scheduled

By Ben Robinson
Staff Reporter

PICKENS — A community prayer service has been scheduled for later this month.

[cointent_lockedcontent]Marvin Short appeared before Pickens City Council Monday night on behalf of Pickens United in Prayer to announce plans for the service.

“There’s a group of us that’s been getting together the past few weeks, between law enforcement and several pastors of the community,” Short said. “We want to have the opportunity to bring missions together in prayer at Legacy Square the night of Oct. 20 at 6 p.m.

“The idea behind it is that this would be a non-denominational prayer celebrating the good things about Pickens, because there’s a lot of good things about Pickens. We want the opportunity to be there and be all seen together, praying for Pickens.”

Short said the service is planned to last around an hour and feature prayer and singing, closed with a benediction.

“What we want to show to the community is that our strongest element in our community is our churches,” Short said. “And we’re hoping that all of our churches in the community — not just in the city of Pickens — can come together and be present.

Short said the service is for all churches in the Pickens area, not just Pickens city limits.

“We have reached out to a lot of the churches in the community,” Short said. “We’re hoping to reach out to even more. We have sort of identified our area as the Highway 183 corridor, the Highway 133 corridor and the Highway 11 corridor — that’s the Pickens area to us. We would appreciate the support of Pickens and its council.”

Short wanted no confusion about the purpose of the service.

“We’re looking to pray together and let everybody know how much we love our community,” Short said. “And most importantly, how we depend on our Lord Jesus Christ and what we need to do in our community.”

Mayor David Owens said he has already signed the paperwork for the service to use Legacy Square.