County encourages all to display street numbers

PICKENS — The Pickens County Offices of Emergency Management and E-911 are urging residents and business owners to prominently display house and building numbers in order to ease visibility of numbers for emergency responders.
The advice comes after several emergency response teams encountered difficulty in locating homes during recent emergency events.
Although the measure is for the increased safety and well-being of Pickens County residents, South Carolina state law requires that all homes and businesses clearly display numbers that can be visibly seen from streets and roads. Should a home or businesses be situated so that it cannot be seen or is more than 50 feet from the road, the number is required to be posted at the entrance of the property. Residential numbers are to be no less than three inches in height. Businesses numbers are to be no less than four inches in height.
“We would like to remind our residents and business owners that these numbers are vital in providing an adequate emergency response time,” said Tasha Todd, Director of Pickens County E-911 services. She added “These initial steps assist our first responders in finding where they need to be so they can quickly locate take action during an emergency event.”
Todd also said that businesses and individuals in violation of the state law could be subject to a $250 fine.
Additional questions regarding E-911 numbers can be directed to the Pickens County E-911 operations office – (864) 898-5960.