County parades are back on after last week’s rain

By Elizabeth Whiten
Staff Reporter

COUNTY — With the rain that fell most of the last weekend, many Pickens County Christmas parades had to be rescheduled. Below is a list of the current schedule for parades in the area.


The Pickens Christmas parade  has been rescheduled for Friday, Dec. 8, at 7 pm. Rest assured, all the floats, bands, Santa, and fireworks will still be part of the parade.

Bring your family and friends, dust off your time-traveling goggles, and join us for a celebration of the season at the Pickens Christmas parade.



The Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce will be putting on the Parade of Lights this year in Downtown Easley. The parade is set to begin at 6 p.m. on Dec. 9. For more information about the event, visit or call the Chamber at (864) 859-2963.



Six Mile’s 52nd annual Christmas parade will be rescheduled to Saturday, Dec. 9, at 10:30 a.m.



Liberty’s spectacular Christmas parade has been rescheduled to Dec. 9 starting at 3 p.m., downtown Liberty.



Dacusville will be holding its Christmas parade at 2 p.m. Dec. 9.


PICKENS – Bringing

Christmas to You

Don’t miss the heartwarming “Bringing Christmas to You” parade, hosted by the Pickens Fire Department on Dec. 17, starting at 2:30 p.m. The special event will surely warm hearts and bring smiles to all. The event will take place throughout Pickens.


Bringing Christmas
To You Route


  • Leave Pickens Fire Department on Johnson St. toward Hampton Ave,
  • Left on Hampton Ave.
  • Right on Jewel St.
  • Circle through Market at the Mill
  • Left on Edens Rd
  • Left on Fox Squirrel Ridge Rd.
  • Left on Moorefield Mem. Hwy.
  • Left on Sparks Ln.
  • Turn around at Old Middle School
  • Right on Sparks Ln.
  • Left on Moorefield Mem. Hwy
  • Circle through Ingles Shopping Center
  • Left on Ann St.
  • Left on E. Main St
  • Left on N. Lewis St
  • Right on Queens Ct.
  • Circle Queens Ct. back to Griffin St.
  • Right on Glassy Mountain St.
  • Left on E. Baker
  • Right on Ann St
  • Right on E Jones Ave
  • Left on Jewel
  • Right on Woodrow
  • Right on Schoolhouse St.
  • Right on Bruce St.
  • Left on Planer St.
  • Left on Railroad St.
  • Right on John St.
  • Right on E Cedar Rock St.
  • Stop at Manna Health
  • Left on E Cedar Rock St
  • Left on Hampton Ave
  • Hampton Ave continue to Gentry Memorial Hw.y
  • Circle through Wal-Mart
  • Left on Gentry Mem. Hwy
  • Circle through Tractor Supply
  • Left on C. David Stone
  • Right on S. Lewis St.
  • Left on E. Main St.
  • Right on N. Catherine St.
  • Right on Pineview Dr.
  • Circle Pineview Dr.
  • Right on Margaret St.
  • Right on Reece Mill Rd.
  • Left on Faubus Dr.
  • Left on Nealy St.
  • Right on Henderson St.
  • Right on Windwood Dr.
  • Left on Thomas Rd.
  • Left on Shady Grove Rd.
  • Left on W. Main
  • Right on Secona Rd.
  • Right on Secona Dr.
  • Left on Pinewood St.
  • Left on Allgood Dr.
  • Right on Secona Rd.
  • Right on Dean St.
  • Left on Timber Dr.
  • Right on Sugar Maple Dr.
  • Left on Rolling Pines Dr.
  • Left on Walnut Dr.
  • Left on Lakewood Dr.
  • Right on Dean St.
  • Right on Secona Rd.
  • Left on S Catherine St.
  • Left on Westbrook Ln.
  • Right on S Church St.
  • Left on W Lee St.
  • Right on Rosemond St.
  • Right on Bivens St.
  • Right on W. Main St.
  • Right on S. Catherine St.
  • Left into Cannon Hospital
  • Stop at Cannon Hospital
  • Left on Pendleton St.
  • Left on Liberty Dr.
  • Follow Ridgon Cir.
  • Left on Pendleton St.
  • Left on Gowens St.
  • Right on Garvin St.
  • Right on Johnson St.
  • End at Pickens Fire