County students score high on ACT

COUNTY — ACT scores improved for the School District of Pickens County last year.

8-27 Page 2A.inddPickens remained the top county-wide district in the state for ACT scores and had the fourth-highest scores of any traditional public school district in the state.

“The ACT results are a great reflection on what our district does to make sure our students are ready for college,” superintendent Danny Merck said. “Improving on last year’s scores took a lot of dedication from our high school staff, and I’m very proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

The district’s composite score rose to 22.4 from 21.8 in the previous year, and Pickens County outpaced the state average of 20.4.

“High performance on the ACT sends a clear message to parents that if their children have high academic goals, they can achieve them in our schools,” assistant superintendent of instruction Sharon Huff said. “Equipping students for college continues to be a strength for our schools. These scores are also a testament to the fact that our teachers have high expectations and provide rigorous instruction.”

Not only did the district improve as a whole, but all four high schools improved upon their composite score from the previous year. Daniel High rose to 24.1, Easley High rose to 22.1, Liberty High rose to 21.1, and Pickens High rose to 21.8.

Each high school also scored above the state average. The district also improved its performance while slightly increasing the number of test-takers.