Courier Legal Notices 10-18-23

Notice of Application
Notice is hereby given that AMBASSADOR 189 LLC. Intends to apply to the South Carolina Department of Revenue for a license and/or permit that will allow the sale and ON premises consumption of beer, wine, and/or liquor at 189 OLD GREENVILLE HWY, STE B, CLEMSON SC 29631-1388. To object to the Issuance of this license and/ or permit, you must submit Form ABL-20, postmarked no later than October 20. 2023.
Oct. 4, 11, 18
Wills of the following decedents have been delivered to me and filed.

No proceedings for the probate of said Wills have begun.
Barbara Louise
BanisterfiledApril 3, 2023Wallace Ray YorkfiledApril 6, 2023Jane F. KirbyfiledApril 6, 2023Bessie Williams
Swayngham filed April 18, 2023 Stephen Ray Phillips filed April 18, 2023 Gladys Herd Rampey filed April 20, 2023 Bryan Quincy Kirby filed April 24, 2023 Frances Jean Stone filed April 25, 2023 Virginia Mason McLean filed April 26, 2023 Juanita R. Wright filed April 27, 2023 James David Duncan, Jr. filed May 1, 2023 David Bryne Fleming filed May 2, 2023 Betty Jo Bishop Ballenger filed May 3, 2023 Marianne Barnes Miller filed May 11, 2023 Mildred Joyce
Phillips Bradford filed May 17, 2023 Sandra Jane Underwood filed May 18, 2023 Jennifer New Bradford filed May 23, 2023 Alexander Peter Krstovic filed June 2, 2023 Bessie Lucille
Stewart Bagwell filed June 6, 2023 Noblee G. Dotson filed June 7, 2023 Cinda Lea
Clayton Spaninks filed June 8, 2023 Claudia Kay
McClellion HarrisfileJune 8, 2023Ralph Hubert BowickfiledJune 13, 2023Shelia Earl Sherriff FullerfiledJune 14, 2023Thomas Joseph OvermanfiledJune 14, 2023Betty B. HendersonfiledJune 15, 2023Lewis Ervin BurdettefiledJune 22, 2023Joseph Anthony DoriafiledJune 28, 2023Roy Jennings Farr, Jr.filedJune 28, 2023
Oct. 4, 11, 18
Pursuant to the South Carolina Eminent Domain Procedure Act, Section 28-2-70(c), Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended, notice is hereby given that entry by personnel of the South Carolina Department of Transportation will be made in the area of the roads described below for such purposes as topographic surveys, subsurface exploration, environmental related studies and for the gathering of any other data necessary for the planning, development of location alternatives, design, property acquisition and construction of highway improvement projects.
The proposed project includes intersection improvements to SC 11 at S Saluda Rd in Pickens County.  The purpose of this project is to improve the operations of the intersection and bring it to current standards that will also improve safety.  Additional rights of way may be needed to construct this project.  A detour is not expected during construction.  However, construction activities will require temporary lane and shoulder closures. More specific information may be obtained by contacting Kit Scott with SCDOT at telephone number (803) 737-1138 in Columbia or by email at
Oct. 18